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Matt Parsons smiling into camera overlooking Shinnecock Bay

Matt Parsons

Southampton Town Trustee
A Biologist and a Bayman advocating for our Bays


 New Stewardship for Our Local Waterways

I plan to use my expertise to help create healthier and more productive bays through restoration projects and continued public access.

As a marine biologist with a degree in Biology from NYU, I have devoted my career to protecting the health of our marine environment. As a bayman who has been harvesting bay scallops and clams since 2006, I understand the importance of our bays' economic viability. I now own and run a business in creating and managing home and office aquariums. 

With my extensive experience working with the National Marine Fisheries Service, the Army Corps of Engineers, and Cornell Cooperative Marine Program in New York, I will use my knowledge to protect and restore our water habitats. I look forward to serving you. 

The life of an Outsider

I've always loved to be outside. On, near, or under the water. Choosing Marine Biology as a career made sense to me. Bay scallop season is my favorite time of the year. 


Outside, under the Ponquogue Bridge, is also where I met my wife, and outside is where our family likes to spend most of its time. 

I can tell you the Bays matter to me and that I want to preserve them for my family and yours, but I think I'd rather show you. 


In the News

Jan 10 2024

Southampton Press:

Parsons said, "— there’s space for me to become an effective trustee."

Jan 3 2024

Southampton Press:

Southampton Town Clerk Sundy Schermeyer swears in Southampton Town Trustees...

Nov 8 2023

Southampton Press:

ELECTED: Parsons had the third-most reported votes, at 6,924, or 10.49 percent. 

Nov 2 2023

East Hampton Star:

Parsons speaks "the language of the bay and the ocean because it is home to me,"

Nov 1 2023

Southampton Press:

“We could be doing so much more for the bays — there’s so much opportunity that we’re missing,”


October 17, 2023

Letter of Support @ 27east:
Hit the Jackpot

Matt is running for Southampton Town Trustee. Of course, all the candidates want better water quality and better economic viability of our bays.


But having had an up close and personal experience with Matt’s character, work ethic, professional life and passion for the bays, I would like to tell you what makes Matt perfect for this position. He’s never been one to brag about himself, so I am going to do it for him...

Continue Reading


September 12, 2023

LTE @ 27east:
Water Quality Matters

As a resident of East Quogue, I have enjoyed the hard work the Southampton Town Trustees have done managing our waterways and beach access...

Now, I would like to use my expertise and experience as a marine biologist and a bayman to help ensure that the Trustees can continue to improve Southampton residents’ lives regarding beach access, water access and habitat management...

Continue Reading

June 19, 2023

LTE @ 27east:
Productive Bays

My name is Matt Parsons, and I want to declare that I am strongly pro-shellfish and am running for Southampton Town Trustee.
If given the opportunity to serve you, I will use my marine biology background, experience as a commercial bayman and previous work as a conservationist to bring back the health and productivity of our bays for our future generations to enjoy...Continue Reading
Blue tang at Francesca's Pizza in Hampton Bays

June 13, 2023

Committed to Stewardship

Even in his professional life, Matt Parsons has demonstrated a commitment to being a steward of our natural resources through his work in maintaining healthy and thriving aquariums. In an article featuring Matt and his business in The Southampton Press from July 31, 2016, he worried about the interest in blue tangs, also known as palette surgeonfish, following the release of Disney's film "Finding Dory."  Blue tangs are unsuitable for inexperienced aquarium owners.  ...Continue reading

June 6, 2023

Announcing Candidacy


Matt Parsons Announces Candidacy for Southampton Town Trustee, Pledges to Restore the Productivity of Our Bays

Southampton, NY –June 6, 2023 - Today, Matt Parsons of East Quogue, proudly declares his candidacy for Southampton Town Trustee, focusing on revitalizing the town's bays and preserving their natural resources. ...Continue reading

matt driving boat in the Peconic

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Matt Parsons pulling a dredge in Peconic Bay
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