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Eelgrass: Reviving Our Coastal Treasure: The Southampton Town Trustees & Eelgrass Restoration

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

eelgrass restoration with Matt Parsons Southampton Town Trustee

The coastal communities of Southampton Township have long been intertwined with the health of their bays. For generations, the local bays and shorelines have not only been a source of livelihood but a cherished natural resource. However, there is one critical component of the bay ecosystem that has been in decline: eelgrass. In this blog, we will explore the importance of eelgrass in our local bays, the decline it has faced, and how the Southampton Town Trustees, in collaboration with local organizations, can play a pivotal role in its restoration.

The Importance of Eelgrass

Eelgrass, a submerged aquatic plant, is not just another type of underwater greenery. It is a keystone species in our coastal environment, providing a range of essential benefits:

1. Natural Filtration: Eelgrass acts as a natural filtration system, capturing sediments and nutrients, thereby improving water clarity and quality.

2. Habitat for Marine Life: Eelgrass beds offer a safe haven for juvenile shellfish and finfish, providing protection from predators and serving as a breeding ground for various species.

3. Erosion Control: Eelgrass roots bind sediment together, stabilizing the shorelines and helping prevent erosion.

4. Carbon Sequestration: Eelgrass plays a role in carbon sequestration, mitigating the effects of climate change.

5. Biodiversity: Eelgrass beds support a diverse range of marine life, contributing to the overall health and resilience of the bay ecosystem.

The Decline of Eelgrass

Throughout the last century, the Southampton bays experienced a dramatic loss of eelgrass coverage. The reasons are multifaceted, including factors like water pollution, disease, and physical disturbances. The consequences of this decline have been evident, with decreased water quality, erosion-prone coastlines, and a diminished ability to support marine life.

Restoration Initiatives

The 21st century presents a unique opportunity to restore eelgrass to targeted areas in our bays. Local organizations and government bodies like the Southampton Town Trustees are taking the lead in these efforts. The Trustees can collaborate with these organizations, combining their local knowledge, resources, and authority to promote eelgrass restoration.

Why Eelgrass Restoration Matters

The importance of eelgrass restoration cannot be overstated. It represents a proactive approach to maintaining and enhancing the ecological balance of our bays. The restoration of eelgrass helps to:

1. Improve Water Quality: As a natural filter, eelgrass contributes to cleaner and healthier water, benefiting both marine life and human recreational activities.

2. Support Fisheries: The revival of eelgrass beds helps provide a fertile breeding ground for many commercially and recreationally important species, such as bay scallops and flounder.

3. Coastal Resilience: Eelgrass acts as a barrier against erosion, safeguarding our coastlines from the impacts of sea-level rise and storms.

4. Biodiversity: A healthy eelgrass ecosystem promotes the biodiversity of the bays, enhancing their overall resilience.

Eelgrass restoration is not just a matter of environmental stewardship but a commitment to the sustainability and well-being of our coastal communities. The Southampton Town Trustees, in partnership with local organizations, have the power to bring back this vital component of our bays. Together, we can restore our eelgrass beds and ensure the long-term health and prosperity of our cherished coastal environment.

How I can serve you as Trustee

In the spirit of preserving our natural treasures and rejuvenating the heart of our coastal communities, I have dedicated years to marine biology and have a rich history of working with organizations like the Cornell Cooperative on eelgrass restoration projects. My commitment to these initiatives is unwavering, and as we look to the future, we can anticipate that as a Southampton Town Trustee, will continue to collaborate with such organizations. Together, we will lead the way in restoring eelgrass beds, thus reaffirming our commitment to the vitality of our beloved bays.


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