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Dear Neighbors and Friends,

As a candidate for trustee, I am committed to stewarding the more than 25,000 acres of undivided, colonial-era lands in Southampton. If given the opportunity to serve you, I will use my marine biology background, experience as a commercial bayman and previous work as a conservationist to bring back the health and productivity of our bays for our future generations to enjoy.

This responsibility is critical to preserving public access to the water and upholding the traditions of our maritime community.

If elected as a trustee, I will work tirelessly to uphold the following responsibilities:

1.      Preserving public access to the water: Public access to our shores, waterways, marshes, and bottomlands is essential to our community's quality of life. I will work to ensure that access remains open to all.


2.     Upholding the traditions of a maritime community: As a coastal community, we have a proud tradition of maritime culture. I will work to preserve and celebrate this heritage.

3.      Advising the Town Board on coastal-related issues: As a trustee, I will work closely with the Town Board to ensure that our coastal policies are based on sound science and good governance.

4.      Informing the public of the facts of coastal issues and policy: I will be a strong advocate for transparency and accountability in our coastal policies, and will ensure that the public is informed of the facts surrounding these issues.

5.      Representing the best interests of the freeholders: As a trustee, I will always put the best interests of our community first, and will work tirelessly to ensure that our natural resources are protected and preserved for generations to come.

6.      Maintaining and protecting surface water quality: Our waters are critical to our local ecology and economy. I will work to ensure that surface water quality is maintained and protected.

7.      Regulating dock and bulkhead construction: Our coastal infrastructure is essential to our community's well-being. I will work to ensure that dock and bulkhead construction is regulated in a way that is fair, transparent, and environmentally responsible.

8.      Promoting sustainable harvest of commercial shellfish and finfish: Our local fisheries are a critical component of our community's economy and culture. I will work to promote sustainable harvest practices that protect our natural resources and support our local fishermen.

9.      Providing a safe marine environment: The safety of our residents and visitors is always a top priority. I will work to ensure that our marine environment is safe and welcoming for all.

10.  Inspecting all structures built on bay bottom: Our bay bottom is a valuable resource that must be protected. I will work to ensure that all structures built on bay bottom are inspected and regulated in a way that is environmentally responsible.

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to earning your vote as a trustee.

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